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As a beginner to this blog,i always wanted to explore new things and discover new and interesting things related to extraordinary experience in human life. I just want my words to connect to my common readers. Itz one of the difficult jobs to potrey huge emotions in four words or three sentences. Quotes are something which describe emotions in less words or few sentences. My blog is full of quotes and some inspirational articles some about intresting contents.

I never underestimate myself because few words can create wonders. 


7 magic principles

Rejections and hopes is now a daily routine of our life. There are many in this world who are depressed, lost or confused with your life. Have you ever been in a situation were you felt ending up yourself so that you can escape from such rejections and failures? Then this article will definitely help my readers to overcome all the fear and to face struggles with a huge smile in the life.

We all are well aware of the magic of secret’ by Ronda Bryan. There are many readers and fan followers of that book. But how many of you have actually applied that principle and have achieved everything in their life. How can you achieve it by applying that principle in your life. I can explain this by 7 magic principles. It’s known as 7 principles because 7 is the number which represents truth, seeker and thinker. It always represents reality is often hidden behind illusion. This illusions brings what you need in life.

I am not here to brag about the Same story, I know it’s very easy to preach about it, but let me tell you I am also a struggler like you, rejected failed depressed, lost or confused like you all. But one thing that makes me different is I divided the secret into 7 miracles and my life is much better than it was before. So let’s change our perception from this very moment.

Choose what to manifist

First step towards this principle is ‘focus’. Decide what you need in your life. It’s like asking yourself what you need. We all have a goal, a dream. Keep that goal as your main focus try not to be confused with it. Energise your goal in positive way.


Second step is to visualize it. Close your eyes and create images that you have already got what you need. Behave as if you have it. Visualization is the most amazing thing, your mind starts spreading positive energy and you will automatically start feeling better and happy.

Choose a affirmative

Make a set of affirmatives like ‘ yes I will get.

Such affirmation can boost your confidence and encourage you, when you feel that you are about to give up. I had a feeling of doubt that said ‘will this work? Never bring such doubts into your mind, that means you are blocking your positivity.


Just look back from the situation were you are now. You may be unemployed, not enough educated, or you may be lost. But just think you are still alive , you are not a failure until and unless you are breathing. Be proud that you survived all the pain in your life. Be a fighter and not a victim. You are capable of managing all the struggle in life. Be thankful for what ever you have achieved.

Look for oppturnity

Simply manifistation of dreams won’t work. There is a saying “ God help those who help themswlves” We have opportunity all around us. Go look for what you need. If you work for your goal then things will get in place by it’s own.

Share your results

Simply manifistation of dreams won’t work. There is a saying “ God help those who help themswlves” We have opportunity all around us. Go look for what you need. If you work for your goal then things will get in place by it’s own.

Manifest while you sleep

Your mind is most powerful during night when you sleep. It is very important to think positive before you go to sleep. Our sub conscious mind is most powerful weapon, if you use wisely you get amazing results. Train your mind to think good. Think about your passions before you go to bed. If you sympathies your mind your vibes will spread negativity. Just think if you can attract negativity soon then why not positive. Start dreaming good about your life. You never know if a night ,a thought, can change your dreams into reality.

All these principles are not preaching or philosophy. It’s all applied from a person who have failed, hurt ,rejected thousand of time.

Finally decided to change the root. Just for once beyond all those negative blurred thoughts ,apply this and see tables turn for you. One last thing to remember ‘HAVE PATIENCE’ I know it’s the most difficult part to keep patience. Anyway we have nothing to loose, if you win be an inspiration and if you fail be a fighter.


Sumitra Nair

Sweet lies

life has not promised you nythin… nor has God…bt sm people did…
sum said dey will never leav u.. lie
sum said dey wil luv u til death..lie
sum said u r d most precious one..lie
life is made of such sweet lies…all dat matters is how u facedthe time u realised
thos wer just lies…
we may ask”wudnt life be betr withoutthese lies? bt in truth,the times you lived on those big lies wer the only times u lived.

Dark dream

While crossing the way I saw a glimpse of a dark goddess

The mystical figure hooked me up through its aura, i got a sun inside the dark clayed figure sited on the pathway, resting under the veils of banyan tree

My heart turned purple when I saw the black valourous statue resting under the lap of nature with a sword beneath representing morality.

I deactivate my sorrows before, standing soaked in dread red thoughts and cleanse my bitterness before her

I stand as a headless warrior , to become an other ritual ,the evolution, the rebirth

By Sumitra Nair


Shadow stained brain has trapped inside the sanctuary of demolished thoughts.

A pretty girl with demons inside her still trying to chase her clouding mind

Down below her,were there is no hope stills her unwinding rope.

She found the darkness under her flesh, trapped inside the cuts of her skin

Her eyes bleed red and let’s her tears smear jaggingly about her face

She stole her beauty and shred her body into pieces ,to carve herself as a legacy into the museum of human minds.

God of tides

I am pressed under the blue waters ,possessed by the dark harmonic oceans.

Swells of the tides hit my back as an answer to my commands

The roar of the ocean holds my secrets which caves inside the oceanic eyes.

Looking for a wind to sway me to the shore miraculously,

The divine sailors toss my hairs like a seaweed, to tear the tides and ride me back to my land

I become the God of splashes that lashed me into the water,

I sculpt my tides as my wings and shred the droplets like shimmering stars .. I will make my own sky until I learn how to dive.


I cave my fears behind your endless tears

My Walls burn in the blaze of darkest desires

I saw sun in my eyes and breathed the last light from your sights

The little frames in the veiled space escaped from my dark eyes

I dissolved the eclipse from my soul and immersed the rays into your ribcage

I want to walk into the shadows of escaped fears and swallow the pride of my blood

But The white demons scream and yell , it’s of no use

I escape under their spell

By Sumitra Nair