First blog post

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As a beginner to this blog,i always wanted to explore new things and discover new and interesting things related to extraordinary experience in human life. I just want my words to connect to my common readers. Itz one of the difficult jobs to potrey huge emotions in four words or three sentences. Quotes are something which describe emotions in less words or few sentences. My blog is full of quotes and some inspirational articles some about intresting contents.

I never underestimate myself because few words can create wonders. 


Life happens coffee helps

Itz 8.30 here evening here almost getting dark….hot coffee mug in my hands… Nd here I am gazing out in the darkness through my balcony, I could feel the hot steam and strong aroma of coffee which is actually curing my lonely feeling this winter evening

I can hear zooming of vehicles honking of rickshaws and kids shouting for a 6 in cricket. In all these noisy surrounding I could only hear is that my inner soul shouting for some care love and some attention.

Here in darkness there blinks a light in my phone for a moment, I thought it maybe Ray of hope which came out from my heart saying ‘not to cry alone I am there with you’ I replied to the temporary blinks of my cell phone. Itz rightly saids thunders blinks only for a moment but it can provide you the way to next step in that moment.

Deep struggle going inside my brains my heart deeply bleeding in Sadness or can say loneliness. I look back… Few years back there I find my answers…. In this selfish world and busy bee clans I have been self centered.

We r always confused between our brains and heart this confusion had thought me to lie, steal and to hide.

Yes… I lie to myself that I am the most happiest person ever seen, there is a frown person hidden behind my curving smile….. I lie to world.

I steal others moments to be one among them….

I have learned to hide my emotions.

Sometimes we feel like we want to disappear but all we really want is to be found

Now back to reality, I am still waiting for blinks of hopes In my inbox, with a coffee cup in my hands and loads of creativeness blooming in my head.

Now I crave for being alone because it taught me life I didn’t get hurt,i cud stay true…. And then I think I was designed to be alone.

#Like to be alone, hate being lonely#


‘I am trapped in a males body’ says one of the famous transgender activist who fought against all the odds to find self existence.

Behind the democratic and developing India there slays a darker side of society which is not owned by anyone.

First transition itself occur in family relationships,division of roots and bonds of bloody relationship even location are uprooted and redesigned.

Itz a long struggle to sculpt yourself as what you exactly belong to. Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want to have their illusion destroyed

Itz not a transition of becoming an another person, Its all about being what you are and who you want to be.

Don’t to ashamed of sharing your story,you never know who you inspiring.

Some people are TRANS get over it

A journey…

She was on a journey that made her fierce, a journey to explore the life good experience explore ourselves but bad experience introduced the negative feedback of the world. Good journey can only begin when we learn to let of our yesterday’s.

Journey is her dream, but passion is like fire which will lighten up her way to further paths. An unending hunt to become who she is. A journey is not about the destination but Itz all about how far we hv come and keep going.

Journey of thousands of miles begins with a single step,she followed her soul which knew the way.

She travelled to take a journey to know herself.

So will I

Flowers are grown if you step on it. So will I

Tiny seeds are dropped into the mud of darkness,and struggle to reach to light,so will I

Be a tree that grows with all passion with Itz strong roots embracing the sky,Facing all darkness and thunders of fears.

Growth is a evolution and not an isolation.


Dont be a victim of your own words it can eat your ability to think…. Be a slave of your vision….it can conquer castles made of passions.

If the words you speak appear on skin would you take the risk of using those words? ….. This seems unreasonable but not unrealistic

Choose words wisely, do taste it before you spit your words.

Our words reflect our vision, they like boomerang, what goes comes back with a progressive speed.

Sick minds use stinking words… Speak wisely. A person with polished tounge is most preferred.