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As a beginner to this blog,i always wanted to explore new things and discover new and interesting things related to extraordinary experience in human life. I just want my words to connect to my common readers. Itz one of the difficult jobs to potrey huge emotions in four words or three sentences. Quotes are something which describe emotions in less words or few sentences. My blog is full of quotes and some inspirational articles some about intresting contents.

I never underestimate myself because few words can create wonders. 


A girl

She was a girl who is filled with ice cold blood

Dripped in courage and shredded with pain

She is a girl full of mystery, tangled mix of starlight and darkness .

Devastated with scars and seeped inside every bit of darkness

The epitome of art drained over the Walls with needles deep inside the marrow of the heart

She made the pain look beautiful when her skin weeps in silence

She is a flesh made of courage and patience heart of a queen and warriors rests in her blood.

The unwanted

It wasn’t my fault that I was connected to your Waterlog like a destiny .

I scummed out with a scream yet to open my eyes stretched my yawn out to look straight into the world.

They picked me up with a grining smile, and I feard their piercing look

I never cherished my grandparents heart

And I am not my uncle’s sweetheart

I was born for my mom from heaven, beautiful but I actually was not called for.

It wasn’t my fault that my tears couldn’t cleanse their heart.

My fears were their laughter sessions. My failures were an achievement to their heart.

My weeps went unheard my scars went unattended as I was an unwanted child to them.

With all the flogging thoughts and bruises on my heart I was an unwanted girl who had a grieving past

It wasn’t my fault that I graved the harsh words of my aunts and crushed the sins of my cousins

I was the unwanted sister to their mind and framed me as a dreadful shadow to their life.

It was my fault that I turned out to be a GIRL who has shed thousands of times to find her own sky.

My tears of silenced article has been published by gulf news. My special thanks to gulf news for highlighting this article. Special thanks to my readers for supporting me.

Tears of the silenced

If you are an adult who has experienced child abuse ,know that you are not alone. Every eight minutes a child is raped and sexually assaulted.93 % know the perpetrators. Many perpetrators are in the position of trust or relation. No matter what the abuse is, it’s not your fault it’s the outlook of the society who know the truth but never take an initiative to speak the truth out.

The rise in number of reported child rape and sexual abuse in India, is in a National Emergency. Number of protests have erupted across India after a series of child rape cases has been reported. A reports by right activists say 99% of the cases are unreported in India. The activists accuse the authorities of failing to protect the children from this crimes.

“Each time the child is raped India’s soul is raped” it’s our national duty to protect these innocent souls. India is slowly sliding towards the collapse of humanity after the rape of a eight year old girl from Muslim community was brutally raped. Huge protest spread across the country which later turned out to be a religion battling ground for protesters.

Delay in investigation and pending cases give rise to lack of security and protection of women and children in society. This battle for innocent souls is likely to get more voilent due to lack of reformation in legal systems.

It is upto Indians to fight against heinous crimes and stop our country from degenerating of its political and civic duties.

Sumitra Nair

Blogger and a writer.

Wait for december

Yet another day has passed ,the clock sticks 12 midnight ,she gazes through her windows and sneak into inky canopy sky with freckles of sparkles shimmering with all its mighty. she turned towards the pale yellow calender and crossed out the day and minutes counted.

She sits at the edge of her bed and stares at the screen her jaw tightened up and eyes flutter high she imagine me holding me in her arms.

She kills her lungs with each passing day ,drowning her sorrows with several shots of despire. Thinking of her past a smile on her lips and shadows of happiness flows from her memories.

Her eyes rain like they always do ,her terrible love has slowly slipped into wait. Coughing out her pain after climbing the mountains of agony; Whispering my name in her invisible dreams, her eyes have been sweating thinking about the touch spining across her skin.

She says the hardest part of the day is bedtime,clawing in her bedsheets when she screams my name inside.I always stay in her head, were I am cocained with the unspoken words she left behind.

She waits for the day were she can clutch my hands, smooth down my hairs,brush my shoulders with a bold smile.

She waits to Feel my soft cheeks with oils perfumed with butter and musk.

She spends her day staring at all the pictures. Rewinding all those memories in her brains.

She wishes all those video chats never ended ,late midnigt talks never ended.

Yet she waits for another day were she can imagine her arms as mine.

She gazes at the door for a knock ,a voice telling me that i am home.she waits for an another cold breezed dec ember worth to remember.