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As a beginner to this blog,i always wanted to explore new things and discover new and interesting things related to extraordinary experience in human life. I just want my words to connect to my common readers. Itz one of the difficult jobs to potrey huge emotions in four words or three sentences. Quotes are something which describe emotions in less words or few sentences. My blog is full of quotes and some inspirational articles some about intresting contents.

I never underestimate myself because few words can create wonders. 



Shadow stained brain has trapped inside the sanctuary of demolished thoughts.

A pretty girl with demons inside her still trying to chase her clouding mind

Down below her,were there is no hope she still find her unwinding rope.

She still find the darkness under her flesh, trapped inside the cuts of her skin

Her eyes bleed red and she let’s her tears smear jaggingly about her face

She stole her beauty and shred her body into pieces ,to carve herself as a legacy into the museum of human minds.

God of tides

I am pressed under the blue waters ,possessed by the dark harmonic oceans.

Swells of the tides hit my back as an answer to my commands

The roar of the ocean holds my secrets which caves inside the ocean fears

Looking for a wind to sway me to the shore miraculously,

The divine sailors toss my hairs like a seaweed, to tear the tides and ride me back to my land

I become the God of splashes that lashed me into the water,

I sculpt my tides as my wings and shred the droplets like shimmering stars .. I will make my own sky until I learn how to dive.


I cave my fears behind your endless tears

My Walls burn in the blaze of darkest desires

I saw sun in my eyes and breathed the last light from your sights

The little frames in the veiled space escaped from my dark eyes

I dissolved the eclipse from my soul and immersed the rays into your ribcage

I want to walk into the shadows of escaped fears and swallow the pride of my blood

But The white demons scream and yell , it’s of no use

I escape under their spell

By Sumitra Nair

Silhouette of my heart

She is a sketch of silhouette which linned across the heart

She pressed her chest into a cage of symphony which has graved the black past

She burried sorrow in a fading cobalt blue and wrapped her heart in tiny veins of earthstar.

The pain has traced her distant mind and had barricaded silloutted past

She willed like a demon into ashes, and breathed her darkdust into her bloodstream.

let the sillouttes of erstwhile absorb into her skin,and she found a new heart that took the form of silver weeds that jumped into her mouth.

Blue moon

I am the daughter of the cresent moon, freckles are my stars

Eyes carry star dust, but eclipse brings me to life

My love for celestial moon has turned into a ballet upon the sky.

Born from the eclipse swallows all the lights, and left the fibrous silver thread which stitch me into starlight

Blanket of darkness has hooked the moon in scintillating valouroys sky

My soul lay there immersed in shadowy depths, stars are my Heralds that are owed my soul into red moon sky.

By Sumitra Nair

Red Angels

Red angles dressed in silk hood who has been victimized to wolves.

Don’t be afraid of disguised demons.

Be a wolf and master your demons. Little survivors you have been cut, torn apart. But still you rose high as a survivors of the dark.

Don’t befriend a stranger there are Wolves in every guise.

Tripped into the shaddy woods taking a friendly warning of the criminalized surroundings.

Wolves plunged on to a red damsel ,she didn fear the wolves in darkest lights and brightest night. She ran free beneath the moon pale nights.

Sharp tooths never heard her cries.she was a red Hunter who survived with a crimson smile.

Dripped in red blood, her soul was beast in disguise.