First blog post

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As a beginner to this blog,i always wanted to explore new things and discover new and interesting things related to extraordinary experience in human life. I just want my words to connect to my common readers. Itz one of the difficult jobs to potrey huge emotions in four words or three sentences. Quotes are something which describe emotions in less words or few sentences. My blog is full of quotes and some inspirational articles some about intresting contents.

I never underestimate myself because few words can create wonders. 



When I look around I see variety of people who r born to be great, but they are enslaved by the society.

When I look around I see people who r trapped in the body of oppsite gender, but cropped by the social devils.

Look around i see lack of self recognition,because they are fittered by society.

When I look around I see lot of courage, but to growth is banned by the society.

When I look around I see trapped souls,in search of their identity.

Courage is being yourself everyday in a world who tells you to become someone else.


Self acceptance is self recognition

We fear about the facts which is not visible to us, once we get a clear copy of our invisible fears we can easily survive them in reality


You win

‘There is no exit’ says a teen who has been victimized of killer game. BLUE Whale can eat half of your senses in single mouthful.

‘you win’ said the game, that cost your life..last level brings you loss hidden in form of success.

Rightly said ‘technology is a miracle when Itz a servant, but as a master Itz dangerous’

Use technology don’t live in technology. It only restrict your imagination from worldly pleasures

Success shd not cost your life.

Think, connect, react

My buddy app

“you are a warrior “dosent this words create a sense of security in our minds… We all need a gurantee which works as a shadow in darkest nights.

Our technology has explored many wonders one of Itz wonders is buddy cop app introduced by pune Police, a forum to help working women feel safe in the city. This project was a response to two consecutive murders at cities it hub. Since Itz launch there have been ample of cases been registered and accused have been caught this app has served as a savior to working women who are victimized for night crimes. This techno app is very handy in use once they are registered to this app they can directly connect the administrator

Once the contact is made buddy cop will immediately either go to spot to assist the woman or deploy some one who is closer to where the help is needed. There has been thousands of awareness programs conducted all over the city.

This app has been a rescuer to many womens around the city who mostly fall prey to voyeuristic demons.this app has helped many who get trapped in unknown situations.

Wonder women’s have actually proved to be a warrior . This approach has been named as, ‘rise of warriors’ in form of pune police which is mostly leaded by female officers.

So girls, don’t worry about late nights works and outings because from now you always have yourr wonder women in your pockets. Angels are just a click away, to save you from night demons.