First blog post

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As a beginner to this blog,i always wanted to explore new things and discover new and interesting things related to extraordinary experience in human life. I just want my words to connect to my common readers. Itz one of the difficult jobs to potrey huge emotions in four words or three sentences. Quotes are something which describe emotions in less words or few sentences. My blog is full of quotes and some inspirational articles some about intresting contents.

I never underestimate myself because few words can create wonders. 

Sarathies on wheels

Narendra Modi on June 17th inaugurated metro system for South Indian city kochi in kerala , It is the fastest metro project in terms of completionl time. First project which connects rail road and water transport. 

Kochi metro has become Indias eighth intercity metro rail project, now that’s a highlighting point. The first ride will be flagged by our prime minister from paralivatton to patthadipalam. Itz Innaugration to be conducted in jawaharlal nehru International Stadium,to be followed by high dignitaries of kerala. 

The most highlighting moment about this ceremony was the majority of the work force contains women, giving a major trash to the stereotypes society and a long exit door to the male dominance. Rightly said ‘wonder women’s actually exist’ 

Another inspiring moment which had set a historical record is kerala to be first state to employ transgenders,  giving a major goals to change the vision towards transgender communities, first state to give an identity to unsound community.   India will be known for generations for Itz remarkable move on employing women on forefront followed by transgenders leading Itz way towards new heights . This has given a long exit door to the society who believes in male chauvinism.

Today India has not been developed in economic terms but definitely it has set an example for an change in attitudes towards people. As development means changing your mindset towards society and people. Clean heart can develop a society which we believe in. 

Now we come across the generation were people will see female Sarathies on fire, delivering their respective duties in devotion and fighting towards all the odd in witty way. 

Patience best policy 

One day you will be there were you want to be, until then keep growing and never give up, keep patience and wait for your turn and trust the timing of God he had definitely ment the best for you. 

Patience is one step towards wt you deserve and what you want and trust can get you were u actually belong, never betray your conscience that’s what keeps you going and to perform best in all the fields. Always believe  something wonderful is about to happen 

War on black money 

A historic move on Nov 8 by prime minister narendra Modi delivered a Supreme reform to the nation. The government declared that high denomination 500and 1000 rupee notes which constituted more than 85 percent of the currency outstanding in value would be invalid as legal tender and could only be deposited into bank accounts until end of the year. 

This modified move has reformed the nation. All cash transactions are not corrupt. But every corrupt transaction is in cash. One can challenge the corruption only by attacking the roots. Corruption is an mechanism which has diluted our nation’s political and economic edifice. The government was either helpless as high dignitaries has buried the unaccounted wealth as they felt that they are far away from the reach of law and coercive measures. That shell  has been crippled. 

Modi on 2017said:those who has turned corruption into doctrine will pay heavy price. 

Long exit door has been offered by the government to convert black money into white which was ignored. This situation would have been sealed up if they had used this opportunity. Instead most of them took as an fabrication. 

The 70 years of imperfections was curbed out by a masterstroke move by pm on Nov 8 in a visualize speech. The fear of change was challenged by most of public and created a massive havoc among politicians who stood against demonetisation. 90% of Indians are honest and ready to fight against the pervasive monsters of corruption. So the massive change took place without VOILENCE and willing to accept the discomfort which is stripping the economy at large. 

Of course, this gave rise to banking crimes as a large amount of money still seemed to be distributed to white collared society at large. But even though some black money returned to banking system. At this time no compromise made either you are a ruling party or some high dignitaries no God father could save you. 

The raid on chief secretary at state was discovered a hour of 32crores from a businessman was a defining moment. A raid on businessman nd politicians has sent a chain of shivers a cross the country. 

Pm :said. This is just a beginning. If u want a glimpse of this emerging saga just read the pages of your newspaper. 

This massive attack became a highlight when a rag picker found sacks of 1000 notes dumped in streets. 

What an irony!. The waste of high dignitaries are clogged, I hope the poor come across these notes exchange the currency enjoy it. After all it is his money which has come back, which was stolen by the Kings of black money. 


Sumitra Nair 


Encounter with my soul 

“I am more that wt you see” said my soul, it was my inner voice which whispered in middle of darkness, I encountered a ray of light,which indicated my confused soul, a worn soul which want to relieve itself from the body stuck up in metallic chains of duties nd responsibilities.yes, the time has come were I had to face my inner self, ‘there is a saying’ you can be fake to others, but you cannot be fake to u r self’,the world is a different place to live if we love the soul of a person instead of outer beauty.
Itz 2.30 mid night, I could feel the rhythm of breeze and nature co odinating with my soul, my soul still stuck up in the cage of Itz thoughts,our vision can only change the mind, souls are pure our thoughts make it miserable,we need to master our mind to heal our soul.
Get out of abyass travel through madness to find your self, it was my inner soul dragging me out of. my darkness.
‘surrender all your sorrow to darkness’,’grave your fears to help yourself’ I was reluctantly following the words of my soul,it knows the way, because I am confused, miserable, and ambitious but ‘still m more than what you see’