Magicians tricks revealed. 

A Magicians tosses the ball into the air two or three times and the ball vanishes in the air. Does Magicians have any kind of supernatural powers?  Now that’s a myth not to worry the laws of physics hasn’t been broken. Magicians are masters in exploiting nusances, perception and human attention. Underlying concept of using this quirk in human perception is to learn the human mind. They use illusionary tricks to break the human mind. Illusions can be visual audio or multisensory in which peoples perception contradict the physical properties of stimuli. Magicians use such heavy sensory illusions in their tricks but they also use cognitive illusion to trick human brains, trains of logic or even memory however Magicians haven’t studied this phenomenon on a scientific way they don’t do any controlled experiments they have been tested and practiced for a long period of time. 

Attention can greatly effect what we see. Illusionary objects r created when we concentrate on a particular image. To tackle human brains and divert their attention they have arsenal methods ranging from Grand guesturs to more subtitle techniques. 

Illusions are only unreal images what brain creates and it is universally acceptable to all. It can be seen in different perspectives by different peoples. Visual or optical illusion show that our minds tend to make assumptions of our world. What you think and what you see is often not truth. Confused brains can easily be manipulated,which create illusion in our brains. 

All of this says that our brains are too limited to tackle all the information our eyes take in so our brains should be bigger than a building so that it can take in. Due to this our minds take shortcuts. Like betting in best horses in race our brains mostly chooses the most likely interpretation of what we see. 

Sumi signing out 

“your perception defines your illusion”


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