The Hidden chamber. 

In  the  rise  of new  era our  new culture and itz secrets do amaze  us it  takes us  to  abyas in search of Itz  hidden  and  Itz dark secrets one of such secrets which made me curious was the hidden chambers in Sri padmanaban swami temple situated in kerala.This temple amazed to riches in 18th century. The kerala temple situated in the heart of the city triruvanadapuram and billed as countries richest temples has several gold shrines and tones of gold coins diamond and jewelry worth ₹ one lakh crore. There has been a fierce nation wide range to utilize the gold. Temple contains six vaults in which two vaults are opened for daily rituals next two in every 6 months and the other two vaults are secret chambers. 
Mysterious door of vault b:

Now the entire world wants to know the secrets behind the door. It is said that the door has to be opened by spelling sacred chants of Garuda mantras by specific yogas only. 

The steel doors of chamber bis having steel portrait of cobra which is permanently attached to it. It doesn’t have any nut bolts or latches just a plain chunk of steel. It is considered to be fixed by using Naga bandanams by sidda purushas who lived during 16 centuries. The doors of the vaults are believed to be opened by chanting such Garuda mantras by sadhus 

The ocean theory

About a century ago faced with several femine the temple officials tried to open the door but stopped on hearing what sounded like rushing water. The story went on how the vault is connected to Arabian sea and once it is opened the sea would flood entire city. 

“It would be ideal if we keep the doors locked “said one of the vastu expert. The treasures stored inside the vault that is located below deity head. And are protected by micro natural forces. If any onevdares to open it can trigger a series of troubles. 

Keep u blogged 

Sumi signing out

” Hidden secrets can create more magic than the revealed ones”



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