Truth has a new colour 

We mostly prefer to choose the routes which are brighten up with street lights. In most of the suburban areas people choose to prefer the routes which is easily accessible. But do you think street lights can actually reduce crimes? Can we relate lights to reduce crime in our society?  As an Indian origin and increasingly number of women crimes which influenced me to write this articles related crime and colour its a never ending debate. There has been a considerable efforts to end crimes in physical and legal ways but why not we change our tracks and attack the criminals in an psychological way?  When thought deeply I came across the logic of colors and their impact on human mind. Psychology say if we switch on to blue lights in our suburban areas change the color of street lights into blue leds that can reduce the crime and suicide rates. Agitated victims can be calm after the effect of colour blue. Isn’t that an intresting discovery? Colors do have a deep relation  to influence human mind as if red and orange colors increase the stimulus, so some marketing agencies use the color tactics to attract their customers. Switching on to blue lights has been implemented in some countries where there has been a considerable results of reducing numbers of crimes. I am definitely not discussing about the connection between light and crime I am only framing out the lights and Itz safety, lighting increases the sense of community and community pride. It brings us outdoors in our neighborhood helps us to know each other. Fear keeps us out of alley and attraction  to lights what it represents draws us to illuminated streets. 

  1. This maybe known to many Indians about the blue lights and Itz logic but as a part of civil duty I am only framing the implementation of these techniques and a step towards reducing the crime rates and womens safety. 

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Sumi signing out

“never undestimage your words it can do wonders”


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