A change….

Today’s schedule was normal as my daily routine, but something changed a news or an article which brought a trembling fear crossing through my veins.. My heart starving for a change of mind in people towards feminism. 

Yes u r absolutely right RAPE IS MY TODAY’S ARTICLE ALL ABOUT,safest people are not safe where the society has become an dumb statue unable to move or react. I want a change from dumb statues and social values which is deaf.

I starve a change I don’t greed for sympathy. A change which will bring back me into a society full of warriors. 

I want a change from the selfish men who stop behaving like humans. When you rape beat mutilate or terrorize women you destroy essential life on planet 

I need salvation from the terror which haunts all the women every min every seconds they live 

If you blame a rape victim by saying she provoked you, then blame a bank being robbed because it contains things which provoked you. 

Itz time for a change, time to release your self from the cage of of culture and tradition. Time to talk about it… A change can save many souls. 



MOTHER EVERY bit of us contains  HER 

Rape is not rape of women Itz a rape of whole society… Speak out 



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