Caught between fragile heart and strong mind

Deep inside your heart when you feel like you are almost conquered to your fragile heart,but your mind keeps you strong

Hours of sleepless nights is like embracing the darkness, struck in reverse, tears roll down your face.

When you loose something you can’t replace.

Humans are fragile creatures made of broken heart and broken promises what keeps you balanced is a strong mind

After all the hardship there will always a fragile place in your heart which we can never get rid of it but can only understand it.

Mend your fragile heart with your strong minds your soul will always find the way to your fragile heart

Being soft and strong are the combination very few can master it. still mind can lead you to your dreams and a soft heart is always a reason for living your dreams

Balance can lead you to living up challenges without any limits.

Don’t let anyone name your heart for their pride.

#be a tough demeanor but a fragile heart#

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