Escape into darkness 

“Show me your darkness”whispered my soul in dark light of my own clutches of darkworld .I have Travelled deep into darkness to find myself, Itz the darkness that discovered me, light is easy to be loved,but darkness is a sign of disgrace.

Itz not the shadow that follows you Itz your darkness that paves your way out of abyass. Light can shine high only in darkness.

Itz our fear that kill us when we are still alive. Fight against all the darkness in your own room of fear, let your pure soul shine out and Vanish the darkness in you.

Don’t burn your self in the light of fears instead rise your dreams in darkness. So even the darkness must pass so that there rise a new sun a ray of hope which will shine even more better.

Maintan your peace of darkness, everything lives within you.

Dreams of darkness can bring the hopes of light in you.

Get inspired


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