Encounter with my soul 

“I am more than wt you see” said my soul, it was my inner voice which whispered in middle of darkness, I encountered a ray of light,which indicated my confused soul, a worn soul which want to relieve itself from the body stuck under pillows of duties and responsibilities.

yes, the time has come were I had to face my inner self, ‘there is a saying’ you can be fake to others, but you cannot be fake to your self’,the world is a different place to live if we love the soul of a person instead of outer beauty.

Itz 2.30 mid night, I could feel the rhythm of breeze and nature co odinating with my soul, my soul still stuck up in the cage of Itz thoughts,our vision can only change the mind, souls are pure our thoughts make it miserable,we need to master our mind to heal our soul.
Get out of abyass travel through madness to find your self, it was my inner soul dragging me out of my darkness.
‘surrender all your sorrow to darkness’,’grave your fears to help yourself’ I was reluctantly following the words of my soul,it knows the way, because I am confused, miserable, and ambitious but ‘still m more than what you see’


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