I am barred in my soul ,chords of compassion wants to fly high but cliped inside your depth

I breath beneath your skin but clogged under your sacrifice.

I fly ,i stretch my wings now ,but caged inside your Waterlog like a string of tears.

I dissolve in your pain but freezed in your glass of illuminiries.

I guard my heart under your rib cage it sings your lullabies.

I Let you be my key that preys my cage into salvation.


Goddess of spring

I will be persephone to your hade

I will be a hope to your despire

Be that light to your cracked and dejected soul

I will swallow your dark blood and drip it through my veins like words

I am drenched in your Waterlog and pulled like cods that needed to fly in dark hellfire

I am the ultimate queen of Underworld

I know the earth, but refuse to destroy my sinners.

Persephone is a voice in herself who shreds in darkness but has a Peirced outlook towards her passion.

I was told…..

“I was told to be conservative ,but I wanted to be bold enough to face the world with a wicked smile”.

From a south Indian origin to being born nd brought up in pune, I was always pressurized by the patrichal society and covering the flaws of being a girl. Keralait by origin brought up with many cramps which framed me up for being too fair,no typical looks being south.

The Loud and flashy girl ,bit gutsy attitude with a blond golden hair gave me labels for not acknowledging my culture.

I was told to be constrained in the society were I was brought up, But the power and passion is like a umbilical cord connected to our destiny. The bossy and boisterous nature gave me labels ,but I choosed my goals as my passion

Academic stereos portrayed other degrees as an legacy to bag up green cash in bank lockers ,which had no space for my vision as an aspiring career for girls.

I was told it’s not safe. I was told no money “i was told no job opportunities. Held in clutches of “I was told ” I freed myself from all these complex society were ,I found my world in legal delicacies.

My firm visions raised many brows. But walking away from all the stereotypes is ignoring pathetic violence. A society submerged in filth of mediocre traditional values and lack of information bring out stereo thinkers.

“I was told to do this ” we human are restricted in these words ,were their perception of genders is not satisfied.

I choose to be myself first were the world cannot slot me.

I am in my beautiful journey were people can’t define my freedom.

Single story creates stereotypes and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.

But if you walk away from such social thinkers you can inspire thousand stories.

This was my story.what’s is yours?

Blooming thoughts

“Like a flower my hopes bloom”My heart beams these words when ever I scroll into my garden.

Brains are buzzing with the radiating thoughts which I hv gathered through out my blooming years.

It’s 12:40 almost afternoon, I am all decked in the chair zooming outside the busy streets, where the world never stops, but our imagination do stop. My heart has turned slight indigo like a dark hole of skeptisim but still a warrior child in me challenges me and questions the ways of world.

The nepotism has brought the fragrance of self catering my needs which is built on suspect. Like a lotus I have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of darkness and radiate into the world.

I trust in my light and believe in beginnings .strong negative thoughts don’t choke me anymore

I accept finite disappoint but never loose infinite hope. You exist, only when you have the ability to overcome your disasters. Hope survives where you have a vision to gain all your dreams.

This hot set of afternoon have brought blooming thoughts in my embryo. I am back to my space, I set my manual for my life were busy streets don’t scare me,others achievement won’t stop me and my determination will be stable as a tree that is strong enough to withstand a strome and wise enough to grow with all its mighty.


Your reflection in the mirror can only be stopped, not you

Start believing in your realities and take lessons from your true reflection.

Don’t live in a blind spot of your reflection,

It’s only illuminiries with bitter realities.

Reflect your dreams with your realities

Make a different choice

Zoom your life in a self reflecting mode.

Letter to little fighter

“Hey little fighter soon things will be brighter” I always wanted to articulate these words to you, but my intentions never equalised your picture.

Life’s toughest challenges were targeted by your were a strong women who held up high ready to face the fire with a cunning smile.

You never avoided your bruises, it was collecting your scars and proving it to the world that you survived.

Now, I notice a glimpse of women who is broken but hiding it behind a beautiful smile,making your strong look more invincible.

You walked with a universe on your shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings. Celebrate your strenght and look straight into the world.

Now, I realise why stroms are name after people. Master your strome ,be a fighter who has a courage to capture the have the power in you to stand out against all the pain.

“Hell has gone through you”but no one can touch a women who wears the pain like a grandest diamond around your neck.

You are the architect of my imaginations stay strong don’t make kindness as your weakness.

Half of the me consist you,and half of you consist me ‘I am never away’. Just look deep inside you I reflect there.

Win thousands of battles with your brave heart ,spark inside you can fire which can burn entire praire.

Women who has framed her adamant soul,dangers never fright you and no demons can tire you.

You are a wild wicked slip who burned too high for world.

You consist of spirituality and maturity like a blend in my veins you just need to recognize a new power within you.

Weave your body with a style and a spoon of strength ,were no weapons no disease can wound you.

Believe in your strenght were you can change the perception of your growth around people.

Above all, be a heroine of your life and don’t be a victim of your own soul.


She is like a wild adventure in the salty dynasty.

Mysterious soul who knows no boundaries

Treasures of secrets lies in depth,She swims like a mermaid in the salty air.

Heavy stroms don’t leave her curious,pirates of dark don’t make her furious.

She is the like a goddess in bluness,heart is submerged in essence of trueness.

She Gathers the pearls of wisdom ,dwell in the kingdom of seashells.

She wishes upon a starfish,and frames it in her net.

Depth is her home and fear is her weapon were she swash.

Her eternal destiny slays in her tail

She is the wanderer of salty sand,and flows with the aroma of sea breeze.

She is the hidden secrets of salty sands.

A bluish water women

Her tears are dissolved in briny waters.

She is a mermaze of fantasy ,deep enough to save you soft enough to cleanse you.