Catch fireflies

Shrink your hopes into tiny fiery flies clueless of the path, but obvious of her destiny

Your dreams echoed “time flies”

Time flies like a fire in their wings giving us hopes of memories.

Fiery angles like a whisper in dark nights are messenger of hopes in crumbled times.

I see tiny bits of flashes moving in rapid speed like a visions of memories zoomed like a time lapse.

Deeds flash like a firefly,lights up your path in mournful sights,don’t let your firefly burn you down.

Keep your flash high …as every blink of firefly says BELIEVE.

Rise like a glimpse in dark,When million of fireflies will lighten up the world for you.


When pigs fly

With her head strong in determination
Wide nostrils marinated in courage
Halo might have banged only when she managed to fly high
I am a Penelope who is convulse by the odds
Tiny tale wagering strong wars against the darkest shadows
Muddy body dropped in puddles embracing the earth.
If wishes were wings,pigs would fly
If looks would matter,pigs could slay
When pain of staying out of the box matters worse
We find wings.

I lost my world

“The world left me apart” scrabbling around my tiny brains to figure out the wandering thoughts,fray to meet up my words for which I lost my world.

“I fantasize” the giggles of teensy girls,honking vehicles,vociferous noise of neighbours,”I lost my fantasies”to the world I never knew.

My old paths have changed into huge structures which I dreamed of …my world was a messs, I lost myself in wonderland of maddness.

“My heart was in grievance” it graves all the past..but dsnt carry any complaints, it gets indulge in beautiful intricacies.Grivances has been given it’s own time it denies human reality.

In a world full of scars and truths in disguise the world is not as bad as how it’s painted I am lost in a world full of artists, lost in my own soul wandering without any label,I am a art full of words.

The chaos made me infertile, still I didn let my inner shine to shadow my hopes. I was lost in my own perfect mind seeking perseverance.

There is something about the women with a loud mind that sits in silence smiling knowing she can crush with you with the truth

I wasn’t frozen or alive I was lost in my own world

Dismantled in my own kingdom of halucination.

I could see my time crumbled,in a hyperlapsed mode were time has travelled,

but forgot my loathed smile which sailed centuries to figure out my lost soul bundled with a wandering thoughts to settled in her own kingdom of dreams.

Glimpse of joy

I saw her scintillating smile hovering out through the glass window.

Her eyes flutter with salinity of ocean which was thirsty to flow out of her heart

Her eyes screamed out ‘don’t let my heart away’

She wanted to live with her heart…

Eyes projected out of that glossy windows which had a Golden lust in her blinks.

A tint of smile with persistence to stay strong as steel but locked in the promises made to her heart.

Windows slowly moving out of her sight, hands still clinged on the visions of which stayed in her heart.

Visions vanished out of her sight but what remained was the bits flashes which played in the darkest sights.

Soul betrayed to the promises made

Poisoned memories broke her wrath

Windows opened to the abyss of souless heart

Still the stains of memories clinged in the pockets of her heart.

Her visions vanished just like a fog in misty night she can feel it but can’t capture it.

She could only capture a glimpse of heaven clothed up in eternity.

And a glimpse still waiting for the hope to rise across her window like a bright sun which slays in its golden form.


He gave me a burning torch of hope and let me walk alone

‘ I fell’ he picked me up brushed my fear out of my body and let me try again.

He was a person who stood behind the curtains and peeked behind the walls visioning his heart der behind walls.

Calm as a sea but stretching smile across his face was like a soothing breeze of happiness

He doesn’t fit into my box of memories still he was a special person.

I followed his wisdom which he carried for ages

Threw me into the streets of my fears which laid me back .but still he taught me ways to lead ahead.

Like a wildfire he spread his presence like a warmth.

He shines like a firefly when you have lost your way in dark nights.

Saviour of your frantic ,with terrors of night.

Holder of sun but scars burn him every day.

He is not just flesh and blood ,but the backbone which makes you stand up when your are down.

Freezing memories

“I paused my button here “Scrolling inside my gallery we captured in these three years was like a browse into my law school.

photograps are just like a pause button of your time.

I took a walk on the lane of memories were I came across magnificent personalities ….I jerked on a dark hole of skeptisim but claws of anglic feathers hold me before I tripped off

Still photographs are like a return ticket into the moment .It’s a cycle of miracles were we can relive our memories without altering them.

I have encountered amazing bunch of pure hearted souls who are born to rule the world with tint of kindness in them.

Those still photographs have a strong connection were mind sets an projectors and plays each time we relive those memories.

In a verge to hate history were my past have haunted me with dark shades of minds..

But I wish to go back to my history were I could paint my memories with platellete of bequentheing illusions.

Angelic feathers flying across the skies

Pick you when you are wounded

Mirror you when your are torn

Walks like a shadow in the darkest time

Relation of gold coated with stary dust

Their sugery talks are all what you die for

Saviours of clogged mind

Folks who have lived all the moments with you .

Those silicon captured memories are the glittery treasures which emerges in the darkest nights.

Blocked in my brain

Saved in my heart

Photographs are something keeps a moment from fleeing away.

I carried you

“Her footsteps sings a reckless serenade” I could feel the rythemic steps each a and every time it gets closer to me…as if it’s embracing me to salvation.

Once i look back I could see only a single footprints on the path of my life ..

Her voice echoed from inside ….when you see only single set of footprints it was then I carried you..

I could feel her fragrance more stronger which is difusing my worries when’s she’s outdoor or walking towards the suburban in the fiercy crowds and noisy vehicles I follow her footsteps which replaced my heartbeats.

The doorbells rings, exact at 7.30 in the evening couldn stop me from imitating the rhythm of your footsteps……Yes!! here comes my mom …I could feel her face ,bit worn out ,torn apart in bits but here eyes still fixed upon a boon , to have a glimpse beyond the walls visioning her daughter’s face ,

zooming smile spread across so bright ,voiceforous noise dsnt stop her from expressing her love towards her solitere.

She breaks every day …but a glimpse of a tiny stature waiting beyond the walls of her attic’ silvery talk gives her a tepid feel, her mighty looks builts her up every day.

The magnitude of the tragedy and depth of her privilege was never lost …we can never count the cost of a working mother ,boundless devotion towards kindred and reluctant to validate her existence.

Well I think , when all mother are surviving in the guilt of miserable life , working mothers are plagued with guilt of steroids …..their feelings are cancered for not being with family.

The phrase working mothers are redundant ….my mom never give up on any difficulties which came across her

She fought like a feriouceous lioness brought me up like a pearl in the oyster .

She didn need to be saved she needed to be found and appreciated and women who is determined to race.she is a mess of gorgeous chaos and I could see it in her eyes.

She placed the footprints for my legacy,built my path with her grace, that lights the way ahead ,

the smile across her face which is saintly spread.

She is the Diana of my dreams

Daughter of my destiny

She willed her luck in my name

Left the wrath on her shoulders

She is the wonder women which established history in my white paper .

All women become like their mothers ..a fortunate tragedy, but no man does…that’s his tragedy.

Let me die on her footsteps before,

I go underground.

the footprints vanished in depth, but the essence stayed in my blood.

#To the most wonderful lady I have ever met is my super mom#

#by sumitra nair#sumi