Dont forget your roots for the sake of growth, because our growth depends on the strength of our roots



When I look around I see variety of people who r born to be great, but they are enslaved by the society.

When I look around I see people who r trapped in the body of oppsite gender, but cropped by the social devils.

Look around i see lack of self recognition,because they are fittered by society.

When I look around I see lot of courage, but to growth is banned by the society.

When I look around I see trapped souls,in search of their identity.

Courage is being yourself everyday in a world who tells you to become someone else.


Self acceptance is self recognition

We fear about the facts which is not visible to us, once we get a clear copy of our invisible fears we can easily survive them in reality


You win

‘There is no exit’ says a teen who has been victimized of killer game. BLUE Whale can eat half of your senses in single mouthful.

‘you win’ said the game, that cost your life..last level brings you loss hidden in form of success.

Rightly said ‘technology is a miracle when Itz a servant, but as a master Itz dangerous’

Use technology don’t live in technology. It only restrict your imagination from worldly pleasures

Success shd not cost your life.

Think, connect, react