Buried hopes

Burst your tears into the stream of pain.

Freed your body into the ocean of salinity

Let your body drench in holy fire

Even Cleaves of weapon won’t save you from your desire.

Caged inside your body but graved inside your dreams .

Bushes of regression have poisoned your body …..

Box me up like a messenger of heaven…dress me up in purity

Let the balm of my passion get blend in my veins.

Freeze me in a palace of memories,place me in garden of vision were you and I shall end up.

countless echoes sense out of your grave ……. it says “don’t choose the path of regression”.

Turn your ash into a sprinkle of magic ….which could unlock your way to dreams .

Flames of fire may ash you …..dissolve yourself in the breeze of aggression

Come out from the cage of fear, only when death comes to resolve you from your near and dear.


Broken wings

She was an angel with broken wings Craving to fly high

Dreams vanished in depth of sky

Wings of passion still striving to flutter hard.

Struck to the earth like lightening To the world she’s torn apart

Lost her heaven, to the hell she never belongs

Angels craving for chaos but demon inside her striving peace some were.

She zooms like a whisper in frosty night which slays like a storm in thundering night.

Angels full of scars from inside and demons in disguise with a freaking smile.

Broken wings with halo cracked

Dirty wings with evil smile

Soul dark as hell

But she’s is an angel who is out of her shell

Fear her when she look into fire and smile.

She’s a glimpse of a Phoenix bird in disguise

Burnt into flames,rose out of ashes and emerged like a princess.

“ONCE UPON A TIME FAR IN A LAND THERE LIVED A PRINCESS”……in the middle of sleepless night these lines gave me power to believe in fantasies and fairytales which pour the imaginations of having a godmother for real. I explore my treasures of dreams which came in the form of fairytales and turned me back into my tape of childhood…..

Now back into reality I actually realised there is a grain of truth in all the tales and fairies which I believed all dese years ……I realised is the difference in fairies and me is I have wings hidden in my heart.

We need fantasy ,not to escape but survive in reality……to stay in reality we create dreamlands.

Fairy tales are more than true they tell us dragons exist, but they even tell us they can be beaten…

Be a girl who never looked back for her pair of shoes when the Prince came to chase her ……believe in your dreams says PRINCESS cindrella.

Far off places full of swordfights and good men to keep your hearts high, there was a beast who awaited for his beauty in disguise

Fallen in prey of witch , which made a beauty sleep for years,From a slumber you shall wake from true loves kiss the spell shall break…..if you dream a thing more than once it’s sure to come true.

She a mermaid who dreams of oceans her mind lives in depth swims up high …most of us would drown in the wild salt air….

Cling on to fairytales until the price in believing them becomes too high…

In the world of ordinary people, life gives gives us a fairy tale.

Redefine the PRINCESS in you ,have patience with your dreams even the happy endings in fairy tales come on the last page of your book.

“I am a fairy rolled in fairydust.

Magic in her eyes

Wings slay high

Swag me with a magic wand

You end up ruling skies”

Call me a unicorn

‘Roll me in fairydust and call me a unicorn’

I often dream of a place where I could come across a legendary creature startling white that has approached soundlessly pleading with eyes.

High on his forehead rose the magic horn sign of his uniqueness a tower held up high.

Eyes looked like a mystic legend reflecting the uniqueness and bond of magic in his presence.

Making us believe the magic inside you.

We had stopped believing in unicorns, but they never stopped believing in us

Be a unicorn in your own world ….Yes dey do exist in real but dey are bit fat and dark and have a horn in the forehead and we name it as rino….change in your point of view can change your realities into fantasy.

Never stop dreaming ….It’s ok to be different always believe in yourself….hold your head high like a unicorn and protect your dreams and hopes.

Watch the world with glittering eyes keep your soul pure as snow….hop out the negatives and believe the star inside you.

Shower me with magic.

Hold me in the clutches of dreamlands

Where I could encounter a unicorn playing in the rainbows.

“STAR” I wished upon

‘Here comes a shooting star”all of a sudden ,I came across a shooting star, all I could think was they could listen to us somehow.

One thing I am certain of, is the most meaningful and compelling events of our life come and go in a matter of moments like a shooting star.

you gasp and then they are gone.

By a wink of time and like a flash in the darkest sky they fall with all the brightness in them.

keep your dreams bright like a shooting star,it should burn the negatives if tried to obstruct.

Don’t stop ,just hop your heart high spend endless night in search of shooting stars …..you may end up finding one of the twinkling pieces of jewels which will rain across you to fulfil your wish.

“She was like a shooting star fleeing across the skies and smile so bright,

Hold her in your clutches,you may end up burning high.

She had a Moon dust in her lungs, shimmering stars in her eyes, she live in a world were ,she can rule skies.”

Be like a shooting star who flash across the room so fast,So far and you are gone by the wink of your eyes.

#To the people who look up at the star and wishes#

It follows…

I see a beaming smile on her face, eyes turning slight red and a glimpse at my face and having a journey into the time machine of memories through the photographs which my mom has treasured so she could relish it again and again . In her mildest hours she have a sneak peak into my flash back.

Memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks, memories are projected by our heart through flashbacks.

I see her fixing her heart into the pictures and expanding her memories in a film, playing the whole incident in present and I cud hear her giggle as if i was never grown for her.moms can gift us the best flashbacks which I always wanted ,a wish to relive bits of flashes of my childhood through her eyes.

Random flashback do hurt you and breaks you into pieces and I am still confused which piece to follow.

I sustained severe flashbacks and never was out of those memories which never exist but always stayed in my still pictures ,I wish to go back to a time were I could flutter like a fluffy kid

Where my mom could hung me like a kid,

I asked my mind once to repaint my flashback into beautiful images.

And then ….I realised flashback hurts……