Escape into darkness 

Travelled deep into darkness to find myself, Itz the darkness that discovered me, light is easy to be loved, show me your darkness, Itz not the shadow that follows you Itz your darkness that paves your way out of abyass. Light can shine high only in darkness. 

Itz our fear that kill us when we are still alive. Fight against all the darkness in your own room of fear, let your pure soul shine out and Vanish the darkness in you. 

Don’t burn your self in the light of fears instead rise your dreams in darkness. So even the darkness must pass so that there rise a new sun a ray of hope which will shine even more better. 

Maintan your peace of darkness, everything lives within you. 

Dreams of darkness can bring the hopes of light in you. 

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‘we always have choices ‘now this is a famous quote we all know but Itz incomplete 

We always have choices but we have to bear the consequences of our choices. 

 I  don’t have any choice is relieving youself from all your responsibilities, 

Destiny is a matter of choice but dreams are matter of change 

Your choice define that you are far more than your abilities. Every choice makes you. 

Your decision will make your choice 

Take chance to built your choice so that it can bring a change in your destiny 

May your choice reflects your hopes and not your fears 

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Make your choice#

Door to heaven 

For most of my readers this picture is very common thing. Just a simple view from flight window.this actually made me believe in heaven. Rays of sunlight hitting snow white clouds making it look more beautiful and Southing. Marvelous creation of God..Itz not the clouds that make you lost, culprit is the wind who keeps on improvising it.dont let your mind confused in the crowd of situations. Some times you need to loose yourself to find yourself. 

Vanish your self to find a new you. 

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Itz 12.17 in afternoon, with a hot cup of coffee swaping with news papers to read some notes other than murders,  rape, or and stereotypes thinks,  an article which captured by eyes was this one. I feel finally hv we made it?  Can this bring a change?  Loads of fairness ads do inspire us to purchase one. Then why not this article. Ads shd not inspired to change the looks of a person but it shd poetrey to accept as what you are. 

Colour dsnt define your beauty Itz the heart what is beautiful, don’t settle for anything which judge by your color. 

In a democratic society Color racism has no place to live. 

Because a true soul does not have any colour or any shape. Itz always true and pure

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