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Sarathies on wheels

Narendra Modi on June 17th inaugurated metro system for South Indian city kochi in kerala , It is the fastest metro project in terms of completionl time. First project which connects rail road and water transport. 

Kochi metro has become Indias eighth intercity metro rail project, now that’s a highlighting point. The first ride will be flagged by our prime minister from paralivatton to patthadipalam. Itz Innaugration to be conducted in jawaharlal nehru International Stadium,to be followed by high dignitaries of kerala. 

The most highlighting moment about this ceremony was the majority of the work force contains women, giving a major trash to the stereotypes society and a long exit door to the male dominance. Rightly said ‘wonder women’s actually exist’ 

Another inspiring moment which had set a historical record is kerala to be first state to employ transgenders,  giving a major goals to change the vision towards transgender communities, first state to give an identity to unsound community.   India will be known for generations for Itz remarkable move on employing women on forefront followed by transgenders leading Itz way towards new heights . This has given a long exit door to the society who believes in male chauvinism.

Today India has not been developed in economic terms but definitely it has set an example for an change in attitudes towards people. As development means changing your mindset towards society and people. Clean heart can develop a society which we believe in. 

Now we come across the generation were people will see female Sarathies on fire, delivering their respective duties in devotion and fighting towards all the odd in witty way.