‘we always have choices ‘now this is a famous quote we all know but Itz incomplete

We always have choices but we have to bear the consequences of our choices.

” I don’t have any choice” is relieving youself from all your responsibilities,

Destiny is a matter of choice but dreams are matter of change.

Your choice define that you are far more than your abilities. Every choice makes you.

Your decision will make your choice

Take chance to built your choice so that it can bring a change in your destiny

May your choice reflects your hopes and not your fears.

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Make your choice#


Turn your worries into worship, God will turn your battles into blessings 

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Door to heavenĀ 

For most of my readers this picture is very common thing. Just a simple view from flight window.this actually made me believe in heaven. Rays of sunlight hitting snow white clouds making it look more beautiful and Southing. Marvelous creation of God..Itz not the clouds that make you lost, culprit is the wind who keeps on improvising it.dont let your mind confused in the crowd of situations. Some times you need to loose yourself to find yourself. 

Vanish your self to find a new you. 

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You never loose people in your life, Itz only you give up certain chapters of your life to start a new page.

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Itz 12.17 in afternoon, with a hot cup of coffee swaping with news papers to read some notes other than murders,  rape, or and stereotypes thinks,  an article which captured by eyes was this one. I feel finally hv we made it?  Can this bring a change?  Loads of fairness ads do inspire us to purchase one. Then why not this article. Ads shd not inspired to change the looks of a person but it shd poetrey to accept as what you are. 

Colour dsnt define your beauty Itz the heart what is beautiful, don’t settle for anything which judge by your color. 

In a democratic society Color racism has no place to live. 

Because a true soul does not have any colour or any shape. Itz always true and pure

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Cry when you feel like expressing it

If you don’t, your heart will sink in your own tears and kill it

To reduce your pain and to Rejuvenate your soul cry and let your emotions flow out

Freed all your pain, don’t get prisoned in your own shell of emotions.

Pour your tears in ocean of wonders or else it will dry like a lifeless River.

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Law of karma

. As being a youngster I had come across many words from by pals who has aggressively used the words ‘Karma is a bitch’ cycle of Karma all that stuff. When nothing works for them these words work as a antidote to their wounds.

It is right believed we all have two sides where one believes in destiny and the others sticks to the word Karma. As rightly said Karma has no menu you get served what you deserve. Itz like a Boomerang the harder you hit it can reciprocate in same speed.

Believe in your thoughts nd views and don’t let others thoughts destroy your inner peace. Be kind to all ,as a reflection of your character. If you do good then just sit back and leave it to Karma. Karma has no generation, Itz one for all. Hardest part of human mind is we think we have a lot of time. Time is the bitter truth of Karma if your deeds are good, time changes.

Your reaction is your Karma

I saw Karma#

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